Government and Andrew & Darren's Tree Service

Andrew & Darren’s Tree Service is a panel contractor and preferred supplier for many Government bodies and organizations.

Due to heightened public awareness and demand in the areas of quality, health, safety and the environment, Government tenders and tendering processes are far more rigorous in seeking out contractors who comply in these areas.

As the Government seeks to become more transparent and accountable to ratepayers, it relies on contractors who are professional, ethical and reliable.

Andrew & Darren’s Tree Service is listed in the QBuild Queensland Government Register of Quality Assured Suppliers. Currently we are preparing the final stages of our Quality Assurance documentation in preparation for external auditing of our Quality Safety & Environment policies, under ISO 9001: 2008.

Our company is fully insured, thus removing any liability issues for our Government clients.

Our Government work includes

  • Trimming amenity street trees for Council which reduces hazards from trees in public areas such as schools, parks, hospitals and cemeteries
  • Removal of trees for infrastructure - Development i.e. civil works for Main Roads during road building
  • Removal of declared pest vegetation around waterways and rivers

Andrew & Darren’s Tree Service proudly supports Local Government Tree Preservation initiatives.

Contact us on 0411 368 208 or Email for more information