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Trimming and Pruning

Dead Wooding

Dead wooding is the process of removing dead and decaying branches from the tree to minimise the risk of damage or injury to property and people. It is a common practice on natives trees.

Crown - Canopy Thinning

Selected branches are removed throughout the canopy of the tree.This process increases light below the tree and reduces wind resistance by the tree. This is a common practice which improves the tree's strength against adverse weather conditions as the wind can pass through the tree resulting in less "load" being placed on the tree.
It is often done on eucalypts and species where the opportunity to reduce branch length is somewhat limited.

Crown Canopy Lifting

This process removes lower branches which increases the clearance for property, people and vehicles. It is wise to think about this when the tree is smaller as removal of large low branches will leave large wounds that can take years to grow over, if at all, and be pathways for pathogens to affect the trunk of the tree. We can provide you with all your tree surgery needs. We use the latest techniques to safely remove dangerous trees so you will have peace of mind.

Felling Large Trees

When trees are too large to be felled from the ground they need to be removed in sections.
Some methods are:

  • A qualified climbing arborist will access the tree & fell the tree in sections.
  • A climbing arborist supported by a ground crew will use ropes & rigging to lower pieces.
  • Elevated Work Platforms and Cherry Pickers can be used.

Our training, qualifications & experience will determine the methods used to ensure safety and efficiency.

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